Mon Amour Sexy And Hot Lingerie

Mon Amour sexy lingerie

The Mon Amour sexy lingerie will awake your senses. It is a perfect combination of unusual design, elegance and functionality. Your boy friend will love this very much. Wearing it, your slim body will be showed off, you are the sexiest lady on the world. If you are not confident in your body, it’s OK!  This Mon Amour sexy lingerie bra can push up your breasts and hide your proud fkesh. So, what do you think.

Here are the details of Mon Amour sexy lingerie

Sizes: 65 CDE 70 BCDE 75 BCDE 80 ABCD 85 BC–
1.Extremely feminine body
2.Body made ​​of soft mesh tulle and lace
3.Top and sides adorned with lace floral pattern
4.Soft cup with a single vertical cut
5.Center made of soft, beige tulle
6.Between cups subtle black bow
7.Straps, adjustable, unremovable
8.Back with smooth, delicate tulle mesh
9.Body fastened in step 3-row clasp
10.Color: black / beige

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