Heritage UK lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller released today the findings of their first ever US poll

Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists

Surveying 2,000 US women ages 18+ on their lingerie buying, styling and wearing habits, Rigby & Peller found that US women prioritize comfort above all else. While almost 80% of US respondents have at least one bra that they find 100% comfortable, these women don’t find their comfortable bras to be beautiful.Heritage UK lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller released today the findings of their first ever US poll, modeled after their groundbreaking survey conducted in the UK earlier this year.

The poll results also revealed contemporary American women’s lingerie and bra preferences. US respondents prefer a more natural look when it comes to their foundation pieces. With 84% of respondents opting for a flattering, contained silhouette, and 62% saying they feel most attractive in a well-fitting bra versus a more revealing cut.

Almost 70% of US respondents admitted to regularly wearing the same bra every day. Moreover, 30% of the women surveyed own bras they’ve been wearing for over 10 years, while 5% admitted to owning at least one bra that was over 20 years old.

On a macro-level, the study showed that US women need more knowledge about the importance of regularly rotating bras, replacing over-worn styles and getting properly fit for a bra that is both comfortable and beautiful. Almost 70% of respondents would welcome expert advice to help build their underwear collection with pieces that fit well and build confidence.

Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists

“Since launching in the US last year, Rigby & Peller has found that US women are hungry for knowledge and expertise when it comes to finding a bra that fits well, but also suits their lifestyle needs,” explains CEO of Rigby & Peller US, Ginny Gerard. “While it’s incredible to see how similar the findings are between US and UK women, our research further shows that a lot of US women see lingerie shopping as a necessary evil, and they end up buying lingerie that doesn’t suit them properly. American women have more options than ever for purchasing lingerie, including a proliferation of direct-to-consumer online lingerie brands, but these options lack the expert guidance that can put women in bras that are comfortable, beautiful and nothing short of life-changing. Lingerie shopping is a luxury and bespoke experience at Rigby & Peller stores worldwide. Our mission is to bring romance, excitement and joy to bra shopping in the US.”

To view specific findings and additional data, please click here.

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  • 30% of US women surveyed owned a bra that they had been wearing for over 10 years.
  • On average, women have three bras that they wear on heavy rotation.
  • Almost three quarters of American women polled (74%) had at least one bra they considered an ‘old faithful.’


  • 85% of those polled felt that they were most concerned about fit when choosing a bra.
  • 62% of female American respondents said they would feel sexier in a well -fitted bra than in a bra that showed off
    their assets.
  • The vast majority of female US respondents (92%) said they would opt for comfort over fashion at least some of the
    time when choosing a bra.


  • Despite the fact 21% of American women polled wanted to have a smaller chest, another 21% said they’d like a larger and more prominent chest that draws attention to their breasts as the focal point of their appearance.
  • 29% of those surveyed felt that bigger boobs were in fashion, while 20% felt they were out of fashion.
  • One third (34%) of female US respondents said they prefer to show ample cleavage.

To view specific findings and additional data, please click here.

About Rigby & Peller
Throughout its 75 years, Rigby & Peller has evolved into one of the most talked about global lingerie brands and has dressed some of the world’s most iconic women, from rock royalty to crowned heads. Offering carefully curated collections of exquisitely-made lingerie, their boutiques create a luxurious and reassuring atmosphere for style and fit appointments, which are carried out by highly trained expert lingerie stylists. Rigby & Peller’s aim is that each client leaves their boutique feeling confident and beautiful; like the very best version of themselves. Rigby & Peller has US stores in New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC and other major cities. For more info visit rigbyandpeller.com
Survey conducted on www.onepoll.com, July 2016. Total number of respondents – 2,000 US women aged 18+.

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