Tips On How To Dress For The Office When You’ve Got Big Boobs

It is hard enough to dress for a large bust without having to worry about dressing them for the office. Looking professional in an office environment while trying not to burst out of your top or flash anyone can be a day to day struggle and girls, we feel you!  We’ve just got a few handy suggestions that’ll make it a less painful experience, and draw any unwanted attention away from the girls.Bra choice

Wearing a lacy number day to day doesn’t mean any wrong, we even encourage wearing a cheeky bit of Scantilly during the week! But do consider the top you’re wearing. If it’s quite sheer or tight, go for something which will create a smooth effect under clothes and therefore draw less attention to the girls. Guaranteed you’ll be more comfortable too. The Curvy Kate Smoothie would be great for this or even the Freya Deco if you’re feeling more daring.

St Tropez

Know your neckline

If you know you’re partial to lose a boob occasionally in a scoop neck, opt for blouse with an open collar, which wii have the effect of a V-neck but you’re fully secure as it doesn’t unbutton. Keep your boobs in with a full cup or balconette bra like the Pour Moi St Tropez.

St Tropez

Pour Moi St Tropez in Petrol & Burgundy

Wrap it up

We’ve all been there with a button up shirt where it fits great everywhere else apart from across the boobs. Going up a size then makes it completely shapeless and unflattering – sigh. Wrap style tops can be so flattering on big breasts, while still being dressy. Pair with some smart trousers or palazzo pants, and you’ll be right on trend as well as not worrying about your chest being the centre of attention.


Dress to impress

The skater dress was made for women to flaunt their figures and of course a bit of boob. While nipping you in at the waist and then flaring out, even if you haven’got an hourglass figure, it’ll give the illusion of one.


All about the balance

There’s nothing wrong with showing off your big boobs in a tight fitting top, but then it’s all about balancing this out with something looser on the bottom and vice versa. Either way, if you’re wearing it with confidence you’ll be looking and feeling great.


So never fear ladies, there’s always a solution for those wardrobe woes about office dressing with big boobs. We hope these handy tips have helped, because all that really matters is that you feel comfortable day to day. Do you have a go-to office appropriate outfit? Share it with us in the comments, we’d love to know!


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