Do You Have Ever Know The Pain of Bra Shopping

Age, hormones, gravity – as we get older, our boobs change size, shape and become fattier and less glandular. This is why they appear softer and less pert, particularly after menopause. This can affect what type of bras work for you. Gone are the days of grabbing any old bra and making it work. Now, it requires thought and product testing.

You may find that non padded bras don’t work for you anymore. Padded and side support bras are great for just that – support and creating a great shape. The Freya Rapture Side Support collection is great for providing both of those things as well as the Fantasie Rebecca Spacer. The soft moulded cup is also great for under any clothes due to its smooth surface and it looks good too. Ticking all the boxes here.

Getting the girls in the right bra can also be a giant confidence boost. If you’re feeling lack lustre about the girls, a great bra that fits well can turn back the clock, and only you would know about it. That trusty bra you’ve had for years may be comfortable, but it’s not doing you any favours in terms of lift and support. You may think you don’t need the lift, but this will come naturally with a supporting back band and it’s great!

Many women stick to the same bra they’ve always had, but as your body changes, so should your bra! Although we’re always trying to convince all generations that a good bra fitting is a must, as you get older this tends to resonate more and  women prefer to go for a proper fitting compared to when they were younger! We’d definitely recommend getting properly fitted not just as you get older but every 6 months due to the amount of change our boobs can experience.


Freya Rapture Side Support Plunge Bra Bubblegum

Fantasie Rebecca Mirage Spacer Moulded Full Cup Bra Blush

Have you found what suits you has changed over the years? What do you look for in a bra as a more mature lady? Let us know in the comments below! If you need a helping hand with sizing and fitting don’t hesitate to drop us an email to support@brastop or ask us on Twitter or Facebook!

But who’s to say you can’t wear the same colours and styles as everyone else! Finding a shape that works is the hard bit, but after that you can play around with colour and styles as much as you like! As long as you feel fabulous and comfortable in what you’re wearing then who’s to worry about anyone else?


Grace x