Five tips by a bra expert. Seriously–she can spot someone wearing poorly fitting size from across the street. We asked Christina to discuss a few pointers, so we can feel comfortable, encouraged and alluring in something we wear (nearly ) every day.
Tip 1: Pay special attention to the fit of the ring.
You could think your bra fits fine and that tugging at dangling straps is a simple fact of life. But often, this sickly match is caused by a band that does not properly match round the rib cage. “The vast majority of the bra’s support comes in the band,” says Christina. “When the ring is too snug, it may cause the straps to fall down or dig deeply in your shoulders. You shouldn’t need to cinch down the shoulder straps to try to get more lift.”
Tip 2: Do the shrug test.
Once the band is the right size, it should be firm around your rib cage, but you should still be able to comfortably slip a finger under it. A good test is to shrug your shoulders up and down. If the band starts creeping up your back, it’s too big.

exy Bra

Tip 3: Go for a snug fit.
To get the ultimate support, buy a Sexy Bra that fits snugly when clasped on the loosest hooks. (you are going to use the pins that are tighter as the bra stretches out over time.)
Tip 4: Do not underestimate the benefits of getting sized by a specialist.
When you have not experienced a professional fitting in some time–and especially if you’ve recently lost or gained weight, given birth or breastfed a baby–see a lingerie boutique at which a specialist can size you up.
Hint 5: Wash it frequently.
A well-made bra ought to endure for years, particularly if it’s correctly taken care of. In contrast to popular belief, the stretchy fibres are more likely to crack and dissolve when exposed to body oils and warmth, so clean your bra frequently. Bring your bras into the shower with you. Christina suggests having a gentle soap to wash; wash, then hang it on the shower rod to dry.