How to deal with bra cup crease guide

Picture it now: your favourite bra. It is comfortable, fits perfectly, and is your go-to undergarment for a couple of months now. Yet occasionally taking good care of a bra, even your preferred one, can get overlooked in our busy daily routines. It’s easy to stuff back a bra into a complete, unorganized drawer, or to throw a bra to a suitcase or gym bag when you are on the go. Life happens!
However, a lack of proper bra care or storage can cause scratches and creases in your cups, ruining the look of your favorite bra. Picture that!
Among the best methods to fix bra cup wrinkles is to simply use a clothing steamer. Either a commercial or a fundamental, hand-held travel steamer can do just fine.
To start, fill out your steamer with water and then turn it to begin the heating procedure. If your steamer has a minimal heat option, try that placing first as it will be more gentle in your own bra cloth.
Once the steamer is active, point the warmth to the inside of the bra cup and put over the creased area(s). It’s okay if the bra fabric gets a little damp.
Gently start to push the wrinkles outward, but you should be careful to not burn your hands with all the hot steam. A fantastic way to not hurt yourself is to use a round wooden kitchen spoon instead.
When the steam has discharged the wrinkles in the bra , allow the bra to air dry using both of these two ways: Lay the eyebrow level on a drying rack or on a towel. A trick to maintain the corrected cup shape is to fill out the cup with socks, panties, or some other small cloth thing you have available that you can roll up into a ball. Clasp the ring closure in your bra and hang it from the straps on a hanger in a well-aired room. Repeat this process should the bra still show signs of wrinkling.
Another at-home way of eliminating cup creases involves placing particular attention to reshaping the bra cups during your weekly hand washing session. This can be a bit more labor-intensive than steaming but it’s also a two-for-one method since it is going to lead to a clean garment!
Fill a clean sink or large bowl with cold water and put in your lingerie clean. Submerge your bra and begin to hand wash by gently rubbing the fabric in the sterile water. Permit your bra to sit down and soak with all the interiors of the cup facing up for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your bra using fresh water to remove the soap but keep bra cups completely soaked.
Take the wet bra and use your hands to gently smooth out the wrinkles and reshape the cup while pressing out the water. Be mindful to not crumple or squeeze the cups removing the excess water as that might cause additional wrinkling.


Once the excess water is eliminated and the bra cups have been reshaped, air dry the bra with the lay-flat or hanger method (see drying methods above). Repeat the process as necessary but only use the lingerie wash on your initial effort.
Some Don’ts When Trying to Eliminate Bra Creases
Don’t use an iron to remove wrinkles. The heat from an iron is too strong for delicate bra fabrics and may cause damaging effects to your favorite bra. Do not set your bra in the dryer. The heat from the dryer can set the cloth dents.
Whether you’ve just proudly mended your creased bra using our approaches or maybe you’ve just purchased a new bra, then below are some key tips to stop bra creasing later on.
After clasping your blouse shut, either pile bras vertically together with one another or stack them back into a drawer or box organizer. This method is excellent for bras that contain wire cups or cups that are molded.
Be careful never to fold a bra with cups, whereas bralettes or bandeaus are safe to be folded.
Together with stacking bras because you want at a drawer, maintain the cups of your bra safely intact in your suitcase or bag by stuffing your underwear, socks, or hosiery on your cups to prevent them from bending or creasing. Be certain not to not put any heavy items on top of your bras that could alter their shape. Once hand-washing, always make sure that you air wash your bra attentively to maintain molded cups intact, either by drying carefully or flat hang-drying (see air-drying tips above). Tell us in the comments or guide us on Instagram.