Lingerie Selection February 2017 Recap

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Recap Layneau detail

Above: Layneau.

Lingerie is an intimate experience.

From walking into a boutique, guiding a hand over eyelash lace and taking a few pieces into a fitting room, shopping for intimates can be a sensuous and relaxing process for consumers.

Last year, three designers — Maggie Gillette, Alessandra Baker and Melissa Franchi — wanted to make the buying experience for retailers just as special with the launch of the Lingerie Selection (TLS).

the Lingerie Selection Founders

Above and from left: Melissa Franchi, Nevaeh Intimates; Alessandra Baker, Alessandra Mackenzie and Maggie Gillette of the Giving Bride.

Crafted as exclusive trade experience, TLS’s first show bundled three luxurious brands in a relaxing setting in which buyers could connect with designers and their creations on a deeper level.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

“[Retailers] are looking for some place interesting where they can pick up unique garments and understand the story behind the brand…” – Maggie Gillette.

It was a success and February’s TLS at Daylight Studios in New York City featured eight brands: Suzy Black, Faelyn, Erica M., Layneau, Madalynne Intimates, Nevaeh, The Giving Bride and Alessandra Mackenzie.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

For two days, buyers, press and designers met in a regal setting away from the noise and clatter of the city streets and a crowded convention center.

“Visitors commented that it was nice to have a large selection of lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, bras, basics, high-end lace in one location.” said Maggie.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 EricaM with Model

Above: Erica M.’s founder Erica Young with model at TLS.

Buyer traffic increased from the last edition and Maggie and Alessandra credit the show’s format as the driving force behind the improvement.

“[Retailers] are looking for some place interesting where they can pick up unique garments and understand the story behind the brand,” said Maggie. “So I think for buyers who are really looking to connect with designers, TLS is a great option for them.”

More than a Trade Show

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Suzy Black

Above: Suzy Black’s founder Diondra Julian.

With the goal of creating a great trade experience under their belts, the Lingerie Selection is also becoming an extension of its founders’ desire to help independent brands grow their business.

“Our exhibitors appreciated that they were showcasing with other independent designers,” said Alessandra. “They got to know each other, talked about challenges and successes of running an independent label — things that other people wouldn’t understand.”

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Faelyn

Above: Emily Bertovich, founder of Faelyn.

The show organizers noted that TLS becomes a collaborative effort between the brands with each designer learning from each other and folded into a growing network that includes visiting buyers and press.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Madalynne

Above: Madalynne Intimates.

“It was inspiring to be next to these ladies, all of us supporting and rooting each other on,” said Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne. “The first day, we hung out by our rack chatting with buyers. My favorite boutique was Étaín in Portland, Maine.

If you missed TLS in February, don’t worry, the show returns to New York City from August 8 – 9, 2017 at Daylight Studios (450 West 31st Street, 8th Floor).

Lingerie Selection February 2017 Recap

Interested buyers and press should register to attend in order to receive updates. And brands thinking about exhibiting with TLS should email:

The show is a gem of an experience during the trade show season. Daylight Studios is extremely close to Javits so it isn’t out of the way.

“TLS is something that’s going to continue to grow as buyers look for ways to differentiate products that are coming into their boutiques,” said Maggie. “We offer an event that’s totally different and essential for retailers.”

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