Wedding Day Lingerie: What To Wear On The Big Day?

The evening for Meghan and Harry is because this weekend and we’ve thought this is the opportunity to discuss the perfect wedding day lingerie. We can’t know what bridal lingerie Royal-to-be Meghan Markle will wear her wedding day and who would dare to ask! But all these stunning white and ivory bridal lingerie styles are just ideal for a Royal wedding. Who said you can’t feel in your day as a Royal?

What nobody told you about preparing for the wedding day!
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Getting ready for your wedding day feels like a huge endeavor, but likely in progress and thinking of every thing should avoid any last-minute issues. Delegating is significant: allow some of your relatives and friends deal with a few of the things that need doing the previous day, like collecting your blossoms from the store or obtaining the wedding automobile .


You should be calm and enjoy your day no matter what

You often feel stressed or just overwhelmed, but you need to be excited at the exact same moment. Try to stay calm and appreciate all of the steps of getting prepared: hair, shower, make up, putting in final retouches your clothes and, of course, the photos!

Have you ever seen how cute are those wedding photo albums starting with pictures of this couple? They are loved by us!

We know that your wedding day Sexy lingerie will probably be amazing (even more once you read this article!) , but nevertheless, you don’t need everyone to see them in your wedding album? To find this precious Instagram-worthy moment, all you need to get is a gorgeous satin robe, just like the magnificent Promise Floral Robe plus some fab bridal stockings or hold ups.

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This may seem obvious, but remember that bridal stockings means you have to put on them with another lingerie, garter belt or a suspender belt with suspender straps, like a short or a bodysuit. A lot of men and women forget about it and have to deal with it at the last minute.


If you’re wearing hold ups, you do not need to wear a suspender belt, as hold ups have a silicone ring. If you have just extended cream in your thighs, Avoid creams, however, as silicone rings won’t stick. Yes, that’s another mistake many people with the excitement of this moment.

Our favorite bridal garter belt is an Aubade bridal style also it can be worn with a range of bras and briefs from the collection. It feels luxurious! !

Aubade certainly does bridal lingerie unlike any other!
Because who’d dare to say to this set! Should you agree with us that the Aubade bridal bra below is absolutely amazing, wait until you have a close look at this bridal short brief! That lovely embroidery and that diamond pattern is nothing but stunning.